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Let's change the world... One act of kindness at a time

What’s different about The Halimah Trust? We work to help people in the poorest parts of the world by providing education and vital aid. We have no paid staff & all administration is done by volunteers. 100% of your donation goes to the work.

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Over 21,000 people dead & many more injured. (10 Feb 2023)

We are working with agencies on the ground to provide shelter and food to those displaced.

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33 million people affected

10 million people are homeless

1 million homes have been washed away

We’re working with charities on the ground to provide urgent food, tents and blankets. 

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Watch the video above for a message from Halimah Trust Chair, Dr Zareen Roohi Ahmed

Thanks to our amazing donors, The Halimah College is complete and operational. It was inaugurated on 3rd April 2019 in the presence of Halimah Trust Trustees, family members, various dignitaries and around 1500 local people. The chief guest representing the Pakistan government was Mohammed Sarwar, the Governor of Punjab, who expressed his gratitude to The Halimah Trust and our supporters and shared how he felt that this project was an exemplary way of remembering Halimah Ahmed, who dreamed of helping the poor and needy. The new college for 16-18 year olds will prepare the graduates of The Halimah School of Excellence for university.
The college is built next to the Halimah School and caters for 400 ambitious young women per year who will study subjects such as Humanities, Economics, Computer Sciences, Pre-Medical and Pre-Engineering. The cost of educating each girl is £250 per year, that's just £20 per month or 69p a day! 
Will you be a hero to one of these amazing girls?
Thank you for your support!

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Keeping Dreams Alive

The Halimah Trust was established in 2008 in Derby, United Kingdom by the family & friends of Halimah Ahmed, who passed away on 26th November 2007, aged just 19. Halimah had just started university to study International Relations, with the aim of working in Third World Development. The Halimah Trust has become one of the most trusted and effective charities, working hard to improve the lives of orphaned & needy children through education; and responding the needs of people in crisis.
Thank you to all our supporters and partners for working with us to improve the lives of so many. Through this work, we have seen the best of humanity and generosity.

Dr Zareen Roohi Ahmed, Chair of The Halimah Trust

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Providing education to the most vulnerable

The Halimah School of Excellence in Wazirabad, Pakistan is our flagship project, and hopefully the first of many. Thanks to our generous supporters and our partners on the ground in Pakistan, Muslim Hands, we are providing a safe, loving and positive environment for over 400 girls aged 4 to 18 who are orphans or from poor families who could not afford to send them to school.
Our promise to these girls is to be there for them, for as long as they need us - through school, university, work and marriage. We firmly believe that these girls are going to be the future leaders of their country.

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Supporting families who have lost their homes and urgent aid to those who are hardest to reach

One of our main causes here at The Halimah Trust is to help those who have been forced to flee their homes because of war or poverty. This work includes aid to refugee camps, e.g. we took a convoy of 3000 food to Calais in Sep '15. We have collected clothes and blankets to send to Syria and raised thousands of pounds to pay for vital food and supplies for refugees in camps on the Syria-Turkish border. 
We have also worked with UNICEF in the troubled region of South Sudan. Our supporters have helped us to raise funds to provide clean water & sanitation, motorcycle ambulances for expectant mothers and makeshift baby clinics, as well as food and medicine for children.



Providing further education to the girls of The Halimah School of Excellence

Put simply, the education of the orphaned and needy girls of the Halimah School of Excellence would have ended after leaving school unless we built them this college. Some want to go into medicine, some into engineering and a whole array of exciting careers. They're ambitious... And we say, why shouldn't they have the best possible education and chances in life? The Halimah College was inaugurated on 3rd April 2019. Your ongoing support to fund their education is crucial.



Sanitary pads for women who are homeless, refugees, on low incomes or students

In partnership with the Gift Wellness Foundation, The Halimah Trust is donating sanitary pads to women in desperate situations. Over 3 million pads have already been delivered to homeless women and foodbanks in the UK; as well as to Syrian refugee camps and schools. You preserve the dignity of refugee women because they no longer have to use strips of their clothing as a substitute for sanitary protection. You give female students more opportunities to fulfil their ambitions because they’re no longer missing days of school during their period. You give homeless women and those in low income employment one less thing to worry about every month.  


Latest Headlines

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3st  April 2019

We were in Wazirabad witnessing the official opening of the Halimah College on 3rd April. Thanks to your generosity and compassion for our work and keeping our Halimah's dreams alive, we managed to build this fantastic college in just 16 months!
400 orphaned and needy girls will be educated in Pre-medical and other sciences, Engineering, Humanities and Arts in preparation for university and a variety of careers. 
Without the Halimah College, their education would have ended after secondary school. Now, they can dream big and boy are they excited and motivated about their futures!

The temperature was 38 degrees and felt even hotter in the marquee filled with 1500 guests, made up of local families, businesses and dignitaries. The marquee was erected in front of the college, with a stage built on the steps of the main entrance. 
Pupils of The Halimah School had prepared a series of wonderful, colourful performances and achievement awards were presented to pupils of all ages.

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Tuesday 21st May 2019, 7.30pm

Over 100 attendees enjoyed our beautiful Iftar fundraising dinner with the Anzal Begum Foundation at Tipu Sultans restaurant in Birmingham on the 21st May. With uplifting entertainment by Awais Iqbal and of course the fantastic food, everyone had an amazing time. Our friend Habib Malik flew all the way from Scotland to do the fund-raising and having been in Pakistan with us for the opening of the college, he was emotionally charged and passionate about getting as much raised as possible. The result was that 100 orphaned girls were sponsored at £250 each, as attendees were keen to get the most out of their Zakat donations in Ramadan by supporting the education of orphan girls. A massive thanks to The Anzal Begum Foundation for their continued generosity and support for The Halimah Trust! This wouldn't have happened without you. 

We still have many orphaned girls that need to be sponsored. If you would like to sponsor one or more, please click on the Donate button below, make your donation and add the reference 'Orphan Sponsorship' in the comments box. Thank you!

Donating Money


Support Us

If you feel moved by the causes The Halimah Trust promotes, we would very much appreciate your support. Set up your donation to The Halimah Trust today. It’s easy and most importantly, it will make a major difference in the lives of so many who are in need of help. Contact us today to learn more or click below to donate now.

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Change a Life

There is nothing more rewarding and fulfilling than selflessly volunteering your time for a cause that you feel passionate about. Volunteering by organising a fundraising event, such as a sponsored walk, climb or cycle ride can change your life. Click below and tell us your ideas.

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Special moments on our journey...

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Get in touch with The Halimah Trust to discover more about our work and how to donate or volunteer. We would especially love to hear about any fundraising ideas you have to support our work. We thank you for your support.

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